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It's time for dinner! Pick what looks best to you and take it IZI:

Bruschetta classica - Crispy ciabatta bread brushed with garlic and extra virgin oil, topped with chopped vine tomatoes and fresh basil Naf 12,51 $6.95
Fried calamari rings - Just floured, salted & deep fried Served with a spicy vodka sauce for dipping Naf 23.31 $12.95
Carpaccio di manzo - Thinly sliced beef loin with our traditional Italian lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing with capers and Parmigiano Reggiano shavings Naf 23.31 $12.95
Mussels Siciliane - A pound of fresh steamed mussels with a white wine, garlic, parsley and a touch of tomato sauce $13.95
La "Salsiccia" - Spicy italian sausage skewers, served with corn polenta pie and Gorgonzola cheese dipping sauce $12.95
Tortino di Mozzarella - Prepared with seasoned rice tomatoes and layered with mozzarella cheese wrapped in Italian Parma ham and then oven baked, served on a bed of baby arugula salad Naf 25.11 $ 13.95
Grande Antipasto Italiano - Parma ham, spicy salami, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and eggplants marinated in extra virgin olive oil and garlic Naf 26.91 $14.95
Salmon Carpaccio - Thinly sliced fresh salmon with our lemon dressing, red onion rings, capers and pink peppercorns Naf 25.11 $13.95
Melanzane alla Parmigiana - Sliced fried eggplants dressed with tomato sauce, fresh basil, parmesan and fresh mozzarella and then oven baked

Appetizer size….Naf 26.91 $14.95

Main course size Naf 35.91 $19.95

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Classic Caesarwith crispy romaine salad and our famous homemade dressing, parmesan cheese and freshly baked garlic croutons
* add marinated sautéed chicken tenders for an additional...........$4.95
* add sautéed garlic jumbo shrimps for an additional...................$5.95
Insalata Gustosa - Mixed greens and arugula salad, tossed with our homemade vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, red onions and crispy warm ciabatta bread with melted goat cheese Naf 21.51 $11.95
Mixed Salad - A selection of baby mixed greens, carrots, red onions, cucumber and cherry tomatoes Naf 14.31 $ 7.95
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Pasta e fagioli alla veneziana - Traditional Venetian style pasta and red bean soup, served with crispy croutons and a hint of extra virgin olive oil Naf 16.11 $8.95
Healthy minestrone soup - made with a selection of fresh vegetables Naf 14.31 $7.95
Seafood Mediterranean "Guazzetto" with mussels, shrimps, calamari, mahi mahi & toasted
garlic ciabatta bread slices to soak up the last drop
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Pomodoro: Classic tomato and basil $15.95 $ 11.95 $12.95
Arrabbiata: Tomato, garlic, parsley and peperoncino pepper, as hot as you wish... regular, plus, extra or Indian! $17.95 $13.95 $14.95
Bolognese: Stewed ground beef with a touch of tomato sauce. Add meatballs for only $2.99 $18.95 $14.95 $15.95
Campagnola: Tomato sauce, garlic, spicy italian sausage and black olives $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
Amatriciana: Tomato sauce, smoked bacon and sautéed onions $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
Cozze: Steamed mussels in a savory marinara or creamy white wine and garlic sauce. $21.95 $18.95 $19.95
Vodka E Gamberoni: Our delicious vodka sauce with sautéed garlic shrimps $24.95
$21.95 $22.95
Salmone: Sautéed smoked salmon in a creamy pink sauce. $22.95
$19.95 $20.95
Seafood Amore: A selection of mussels, calamari and shrimps in a garlic marinara or creamy alfredo sauce.
$24.95 $21.95 $22.95
Carbonara: Smoked bacon in a creamy parmesan cheese and egg yolk sauce $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
Alfredo: A creamy sauce with parmesan cheese Add shrimps for $4.99 or chicken strips for $2.99 $18.95 $14.95 $15.95
4 Formaggi: A creamy sauce with Gorgonzola, mozzarella, romano and parmesan cheeses $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
Mushroom: A creamy sauce with fresh mushrooms $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino: Extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic, spiced to your taste $15.95 $ 11.95 $12.95
Pesto: Fresh basil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese perfectly blended with extra virgin olive oil $18.95 $14.95 $15.95
Verdure: sautéed zucchini, diced eggplants and bell peppers in a marinara sauce with fresh broccoli $19.95 $15.95 $16.95
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Emiliana, the most traditional, with beef bolognese and bechamel sauce, baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses $19.95
Vegetarian, a healthy selection of vegetables, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and blended with fresh ricotta and parmesan cheeses and then baked until golden brown Naf 35.91 $ 19.95
Portofino, delicious sautéed Atlantic salmon chunks and fresh spinach blended in a light white wine and cream sauce, a truly delicious experience! $21.95
All lasagna dishes are served with a complementary side of garden salad  
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Pollo alla parmigiana - Breaded and pan fried organic chicken breast baked with tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, accompanied by Penne pasta in homemade tomato sauce.

Naf 35.91 $19.95

Pollo al marsala e funghi - Tender chicken filets, sautéed with fresh Portobello mushrooms in a Marsala wine reduction and served with fettuccine in a creamy alfredo sauce Naf 39.51 $21.95
Piccata di vitello al limone - Thin and tender veal scaloppini are cooked in a lemon butter sauce and served with sautéed rosemary potatoes Naf 44.91 $24.95
Entrecote a piacere - A 12oz rib eye steak cooked to your taste with a choice of Gorgonzola cheese, wild mushrooms or three pepper sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes Naf 48.51 $26.95
Arrosto di agnello - Boneless roast leg of lamb, rubbed with Mediterranean herbs, slowly cooked and served with its gravy and Italian polenta Naf 44.91 $24.95
Ossobuco di vitello- The classic, Italian, braised veal shank, so tender that you will not need your knife. Served on a bed of saffron risotto “Alla Milanese” Naf 59.31 $32.95
Vitello alla Milanese - A crispy pan fried breaded veal cutlet topped with baby arugula salad, fresh cherry tomatoes and served with homemade gnocchi in tomato sauce Naf 44.91 $24.95
Cernia alla livornese - Fresh grouper filet, sautéed in a savory marinara sauce with garlic, capers and black olives, served with Sicilian aromatic couscous Naf 43.11 $23.95
Filetto di salmone agli argumi - A pan fried salmon filet is served over freshly baked puff pastry with sautéed fresh spinach and topped with a zesty lemon sauce Naf 44.91 $24.95
Mahi Mahi alla Mediterranea - Grilled filet of Mahi Mahi with garlic and parsley drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by homemade garlic mashed potatoes Naf 41.31 $22.95

Extra sides are available at an additional charge of Naf 8.91 $4.95

  • Sauteed spinach
  • Rosemary potatoes
  • Sauteed zucchini
  • Sauteed or steamed broccoli
  • Mashed potatoes
Tender Chicken filets sautéed and served with your favorite sauce $17.95
A large 12 Oz Rib eye steak, grilled to your taste $24.95
Grilled fillet of fresh Atlantic salmon $19.95
Grilled fillet of Mahi-Mahi $17.95
Panfried Jumbo shrimp $19.95
Each choice of protein comes with a complementary garden salad  
Pizzaiola: tomato, garlic, Sicilian oregano, capers and black olives  
3 peppers: white, black, & green for a sauce with a real kick  
Gorgonzola: a creamy blend of blue and parmesan cheeses  
Funghi: a creamy mushroom sauce  
Lemon butter: sauce with or without capers  
Create your version of homemade real mashed potatoes: (Classic - Garlic - Truffle - Basil)  
Broccoli steamed or sautéed with garlic butter  
Baby Carrots steamed or glazed  
Spaghetti with tomato sauce  
Penne with Alfredo cream sauce  
Additional side.............$3.95  
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Kids menu for children up to 12 years old- Crispy chicken fingers served with penne pasta in tomato sauce
Penne or spaghetti with a choice of butter, tomato, Bolognese or alfredo sauce.

Naf 23.31 $12.95

Also includes a complimentary drink and a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream



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Tiramisu della mamma - Italian style ladyfingers, coffee  and mascarpone cheese layers Naf 16.11 $8.95
Hot chocolate molten cake - Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream Naf 17.91 $9.95
New York style cheese cake - With raspberry, caramel or chocolate fudge topping Naf 16.11 $8.95

Gelato Italiano: Choose two scoops from our selection of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio ice creams or lemon sorbet, topped with crunchy caramel and almonds

Ask for our IZI special dessert of the day!

Naf 12.51 $6.95
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Mineral Water 0.50 L $2.95
Mineral Water 1L $4.95
San Pellegrino 1L $4.95
Espresso Naf 5.31 $2.95
Cappuccino Naf 8.91 $4.95
Regular Coffee Naf 5.31 $2.95
Tea Naf 5.31 $2.95
Special Coffees - Irish, Mexican, Italian Naf 16.11 $8.95
(Regular or decaf)  
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Limoncello Naf 10.71 $5.95
Grappa Naf 8.91 $4.95
Grappa di Chardonnay Naf 16.11 $8.95
Sambuca Naf 10.71 $5.95
And many more...  
Sparkling wine  
Prosecco (Italian) Naf 14.31 $7.95
Champagne Piper Naf 21.51 $11.95
White and Rose wine  
Chardonnay Naf 8.91 $4.95
Pinot Grigio Naf 10.71 $5.95
Rose cote de Provence Naf 10.71 $5.95
White Zinfandel Naf 8.91 $4.95
Red wine  
Cabernet Naf 10.71 $5.95
Merlot Naf 8.91 $4.95
Pinot Noir Naf 10.71 $5.95
Chianti Naf 12.51 $6.95
Dessert wine  
Late Harvest Naf 16.11 $8.95
Prefer a bottle? Ask for the wine list  
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All prices subject to change without notice.  

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