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Here's what they're saying about IZI:

"At first I couldn't figure out what IZI meant. Get inside and experience it, and you get it. It IS IZI!"
--- Lori, Minnesota

"It is very cool. I'm here all the time, more than I'm home."
--- Narkinda, SXM

"We love it. Came several times right after they opened. You can't ever get bored with 400 possible dinners, and the food is really quite outstanding. We'll be back."
--- Jeff, Florida

"We remember Marco from Gondola. IZI is very different in atmosphere. Never been anywhere like it. It's a kick!"
--- Sherri, New York

"I don't eat beef or poultry, so I came hesitantly. You have excellent vegetarian selections. I was very happy and I will be back." --- Ilene, Boston

"Nothing like this where I come from. You going to franchise this? You need to."
--- Tim, Anchorage, Alaska

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