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Commodore Coatings Products & Services

  • Commodore Coatings "Molecular Adhesion" Exterior Sealant: Our custom-tailored paint sealant formula delivers both a high gloss and a truly long-lasting protective coating that leverages the power of "Molecular Adhesion" technology to seal in the brilliance of the latest new vehicle finishes. This product is applied to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle, including paint, rubber bumpers, rubber moldings, plastic trim, glass, and wheel covers. This application results in a surface that is super slippery and will not allow environmental issues like acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fallout, and fading from the sun ruin your paint. Your new vehicle will also be much easier to clean. Brake dust can be easily cleaned from your wheel covers, bugs will simply wash off the front of your vehicle, and when you wash your new car you will not believe how easily dirt and grime will disappear. This cutting-edge technology delivers a super-premium shine and - more important -- its protection can be warranted for up to five years. Paint Renewers refresh and renew paint, helping to ensure long-lasting vehicle beauty and value. Learn about how Acid Rain threatens vehicles. We guarantee the protection.
  • Fabric Treatment with "Texguard": Commodore Coatings fabric treatment surrounds every strand of vehicle fabric with a protective coating. Spills bead up on contact and can be wiped clean without staining - even coffee, baby and pet mishaps, and oil-based spills. Despite its great strength, our formula is guaranteed not to affect the softness, texture, or appearance of any interior fabric. We guarantee the protection.
  • Leather & Vinyl: Our sealant not only softens and preserves the leather in new vehicles, it actually enhances the richness of its appearance by replacing natural nutrients dried out by the sun. Our rich, proprietary formula guards against cracking, fading, and discoloration. Commodore Coatings Vinyl/Leather Renewer renews and replaces nutrients lost to the environment. Used each Spring and Fall, these Renewers refresh and renew vinyl and leather protection, helping to ensure the long-lasting beauty and value of each new vehicle. We guarantee the protection.
  • Undercoat / Sound Protection: The 21st century version of this process is as different from the 60s version as HDTV with surround sound is different from crackly old AM radios. Cutting-edge technology applies permanent protection to vehicle undersides, shutting out water, grime, and salt, while adding a sound-deadening barrier that helps make each vehicle cabin whisper-quiet. This additional insulation also helps keep cars warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Dense and durable, this coating permeates cracks and crevices and stays put to give each vehicle a lifetime of protection against undercarriage rust and corrosion. Lifetime guarantee.

    Of course, all Commodore Coatings products are guaranteed. See your dealer for details.
    How they're applied. Factory-trained technicians apply Commodore Coatings products meticulously, to make sure they deliver years of dependable protection. Click here to see a demonstration video.

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